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So many of you don’t know me, obviously, but if you follow me you must know I like film. I have recently become an associate producer on a documentary titled ‘Welcome to the Circus’.  It is currently in the final stages of post-production and getting ready to make the film festival circuit. It was a crew of entirely all women which is just awesome in the film industry. Please check out and like their Facebook page at    

Welcome to the Circus is a story about Palestine rarely told; One of optimism, hope, and the pursuit of a dream in the occupied territories. Set in the West Bank city of Ramallah, The Palestinian School welcomes the LIDO, a circus school from France into their home. With less than a month the two schools must come together to create a mobile circus for the Children of Palestine.

Together, the two schools unite when faced with a difficult dilemma; What if not everyone is allowed at the final show in Jerusalem. What will they do? Cancel the show or perform even if the circus is made up entirely of the LIDO. 

Travel in Palestine is an obstacle course of permits and checkpoints further complicated by the Palestinian ID Cards. The majority of the students at the Palestinian Circus school have the West Bank/ Green ID which means they are only allowed to journey along the green line to other Palestinian territories. Visiting Jerusalem is prohibited without a permit.  Most of the students at the Palestinian Circus School have never seen Jerusalem despite it being a mere 7 miles from Ramallah. In Palestine the occupation interferes with every aspect of daily life; For the circus this is a constant source of struggle. 

In the newspapers and on TV, we’re always bombarded with extremes and these headlines shape the way we define other cultures. Rarely, do we think about what effect this can have on other people. With the escalating conflict it’s even more imperative that we get this film out there in order to prevent words like Hamas and terrorism from becoming synonymous with Palestinians. 

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